Watch this: “mixed reality” gaming and wearable holograms with Microsoft’s HoloLens


Last night local time, Microsoft held an event in New York during which they showcased all sorts of sexy things like the new Surface Pro 4. But skinny tablet-laptop hybrids aside, the neatest thing on display was a new HoloLens game called Project X Ray, which is a working title for now.

Microsoft’s HoloLens has a lot of potential, but last night’s on-stage demo really showed its potential as a gaming device for something Microsoft has dubbed “mixed reality gaming”. It’s pretty much augmented reality, but through the HoloLens; it’s way more interactive than any augmented reality gimmick you may have already experienced.

Microsoft also showed off a “wearable hologram”: the demonstrator held a tube-like device in his hand, which then overlaid a holographic blaster that kind of looked like something Mega Man would use. The “holographic gauntlet” then allowed the demonstrator to blast insect-like robots as they broke through the walls of the demo room. It’s all pretty wild! Check it out after the jump.

Now, as our friends over as SA Techie have already pointed out, don’t forget that the HoloLens does not fill a user’s entire field of view. In actual fact, the amount of holograms that a user can see is relegated to a relatively small box in the centre of the HoloLens. Needless to say, the demo shown was perhaps a little exaggerated, as it gave the impression that the demonstrator was being surrounded by robots. Still, it’s some awesome tech, and now I want a Mass Effect HoloLens game that gives me an Omni Blade to stab waves of Husks as they barrel down the passage of my house.

Via: Gizmodo