Sony drops PS4 price, adds six holiday bundles


Earlier this year, Sony announced that the Playstation 4 would be receiving a price drop in Japan, bringing down the converted price to around R2900 from the Japanese Yen. The company has now expanded upon this and has announced price drop to $350 for the holiday season, as well as six new bundles to choose from if you haven’t gotten your console already. Hit the jump for more.

The price drop currently applies to the United States and Canada, but Sony might bring those same savings to consumers in Europe, and therefore South Africa, in the near future. The console’s price drops to $350 in the US and CAD$430 in Canada, and these will be put in place for all existing consoles in the sales channel beginning 9 October 2015.


Along with the price drop, Sony will offer several bundles for holiday shoppers in addition to the vanilla 500GB and 1TB “Ultimate Player” edition. The one that seems to be the best buy out of the lot is, of course, the Star Wars Battlefront bundle. Not only do you get a sweet one-off paint job for both the console and the controller, but you also get four classic Star Wars games added into the mix as well, appearing on the PS4 for the first time; they are Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter and Star Wars Bounty Hunter. All four games have had HD makeovers applied to them, and all now support trophies. I’m really tempted to get that…

Source: Playstation Blog