rAge 2015: Day 1 eSports round-up


Greetings NAG Online collective. The tournaments are under way at rAge, and I’ll be posting an update each day on who’s winning, who’s losing, what comes next and any highlights from the day. You can find the summary from Day 1 (Friday) after the jump.

P.S. I’ve also included the stream links for each game that will be used throughout the weekend.

Call of Duty (PC)

Stream: Seems only X1 got the love here.

The PC tournament started off with a bang, with Reversal x5 giving defending champs Energy eSports a hard match, pulling into a threatening 8-5 lead. Energy showed off their championship pedigree however, securing the next five rounds for the win.

Meanwhile, both Altitude Gaming teams won their group games, getting them off to an impressive start. While many were rooting for underdog [HRO]Elevation after an impressive season, David was unable to topple Goliath in the opening salvo – despite coming close.

Altitude went on to end the day with two wins apiece, putting them in the top two spots in their group. In the other group, impi gaming and Energy both come out with two wins, putting them ahead of the competition.

Check out this interview with the captains of Altitude and [HRO], discussing what turned out to be a close match indeed.

Call of Duty (X1)

Stream: DGL Xbox

An upset in the opening rounds for the Xbox One players, as Team Astra takes down Energy eSports 3-1 in a surprising and impressive display of dominance. It would be the only upset of the opening matches however, as both Ventus and Insane dispatch their opponents without too much of a fuss – 3-0 and 3-1, respectively.

Ventus gets a somewhat soft second round, taking on ViNCO. The round 2 match to watch, however, will be Insane vs the impressive looking Team Astra.

Moving into the second round, Astra continues their dominance by taking down Insane to finish the day 2-0. Over in Group A, Ventus has an easy win to cruise to the top of the group with a 2-0 record.

Ventus v Astra looks set to be a doozy.


Stream: DGL Black

No upsets here to kick things off, as all the top teams win their opening matches against their challengers. This set up some big clashes between the top teams, who would now have to face more evenly matched opponents.

The first real chance for a potential upset was between Altitude gaming and Bravado, which got off to an exciting start on Mirage. While bvd impressed with superior aim and winning most of the duels, Altitude employed some unorthodox gameplay in order to catch the more experienced team off guard.

The aggressive pushing paid off for Altitude, taking a hugely impressive 10 rounds on CT side, following it up with a 1v2 pistol round clutch win on T side. Then the unthinkable happened – Bravado wins a full save round, with Detrony clutching a bomb retake with no armor and a USP in a straight up duel. This brought the score to a workable 12-6 instead of a far more dire 13-5. A win on the next round forced Altitude into a save on 12-7, with things starting to get scary for the underdogs as they buy up on 12-8.

This momentum continued until Bravado took the lead at 13-12, forcing Altitude to come up with a huge 26th round and tying things up with some impressive AWP play. Unfortunately the Cinderella story ended there, with Bravado breaking Altitude’s economy in the next round and cruising to an easy victory – no doubt leaving Altitude to wonder what might have been had they not been bested by Detrony’s USP.

After the dust settled, each group has a team sitting at 2-0 at the top – the teams to watch over the weekend. These are: Energy eSports, Bravado, carboN and xTc.

Seriously, these Altitude guys need that prize money for some skins.
Seriously, these Altitude guys need that prize money for some skins.

DotA 2

Stream: DGL Blue

Once again, no upsets here as all the big names win their opening rounds. As seems to mostly be the case, the exciting games come when the initial games are over and the top teams of each group go head to head. The first round of DotA 2 matches set up clashes between For the dream and Energy, carboN vs BeZerK, IFG and Pls dont flame us we r new, and finally a big game between Bravado and Ventus.

Energy took down For the dream in Round 2 in impressive fashion, planting the flag early that they’ve come to win. However, a challenger emerges over in Group D, as Bravado bests Ventus, another top team, and sets up what looks to be an eventual clash between these two giants.

That is, of course, if Pls dnt flame us we r new and carboN don’t have something to say about it – or if Ventus decided to brush their shoulders off and come in hot on Day 2. This one is still wide open, stay tuned this weekend for some epic clashes.

Battlefield 4

Stream: DGL White

The unstoppable Aperture Gaming remains unstoppable, taking down SVG in the opening rounds. In fact, of the three SVG teams, only iNFamous managed to win their opening match.

Meanwhile, xTc impressed with all three teams winning their first match, with Pulse, Armor Legion and PewPew racking up victories as well.

The round 2 game to watch here going in was to be between Pulse and SVG, or for pure spectator value the two xTc teams battling it out was definitely worth a look.

Ultimately it was xTc Black coming out on top, while Pulse Gaming’s Evolve team managed to end on a perfect 2-0 record for the day.

Nothing is quite decided yet, but plenty of teams are making a case for being capable of taking down the big dog in the yard, Aperture Gaming.

They've kind of gotten used to holding trophies.
They’ve kind of gotten used to holding trophies.


Stream: DGL Red

As has come to be expected with Hearthstone, the results are unpredictable and the upsets are many.

Top-rated player SelfmOorD finishes the day with a perfect 2-0 record, while lower seeded players MajorPAIN, SilentGhost and Jon_Snow_Rsa also manage 2-0 records, taking down some tough opponents in the process.

That being said, it’s all about Day 2, as even those sitting with 0-2 records can make it out of groups with two victories tomorrow morning. The top two players from each group will move on to an 8-player double-elimination bracket to crown a new champion.

League of Legends

Stream: DGL Green

Judging by the analyst predictions for the group stages, I’d say the first round was marked by a ton of upsets – particularly in Group B, where both Veneration and Serenity were sent to the bottom of the log.

The one upset that wasn’t seen, however, was Energy eSports losing. The team that’s won back-to-back championships doesn’t look ready to give up the trophy yet, and the real story of this tournament seems to be whether or not anyone can take them down.