rAge 2015: Day 2 eSports round-up

dgl rage 2015

Welcome back to the eSports round-up for Day 2 of rAge 2015. It was an exciting day filled with plenty of upsets and a lot of epic finals have been set up for tomorrow. In order to make things a little easier, I’ve included the final bracket results for each game after the discussion for a quick reference point. I’ve also included stream links for all the Grand Finals still to be played tomorrow – be sure to tune in, they’re going to be epic. You can find all that, after the jump.

Telkom DoGaming Championship

League of Legends

Stream: DGL Green

Round 1 of the double-elimination started off explosively, with VnR defeating Energy – for the first time in three years. Energy’s LoL performance has been so dominant the side has not dropped a game in the last three years of rAge attendance, and they now found themselves knocked down into the Loser’s bracket in the very first round.

There was an air of disbelief amongst the spectators watching the game, and no doubt Energy’s confidence was knocked by the realisation that they’re not invincible.

They recovered quickly regardless, tearing through the Loser’s bracket in a run which ended up with them facing against VnR once again. Lightning was not to strike twice in the same place however, as VnR was set aside quickly and Energy looked their dominant selves once again as they took down New World Order in the Losers’ finals to face Ventus in the Grand Finals tomorrow.

Despite the early hiccup, Energy looked very comfortable for the rest of the day, and it’s all on Ventus to try and stop them from taking the title for the fourth year running.

lol day2

Battlefield 4

As expected, ApG tore their way through the winners bracket, kicking the likes of puLse and xTc.Black down to lowers.

puLse refused to go away however, defeating xTc.Legion in the Loser’s bracket to set up a rematch against ApG for the grand finals. Considering ApG dismissed the challenger 2-0 the first time around, does puLse have any hope of dethroning the victors tomorrow?

ApG seemed fired up today, loudly celebrating victory and with the team morale and spirit in hyperdrive – with a generous side of cockiness too. With their pedigree, momentum and confidence in having taken down puLse once before, it seems to be their tournament to lose.

bf4 day 2

DGL have really upped their game this year, and the streams and commentary are top notch.
DGL have really upped their game this year, and the streams and commentary are top notch.

Call of Duty: AW (PC)

The big story here is that the finals is set to be a rematch between Altitude and Energy. Altitude got the best of eN.Blaze in the Winners’ bracket finals, who then fought their way through the Losers’ bracket to face Altitude once again for all the marbles.

In what turned out to be a closely contested final, Altitude ended up repeating history and taking down Energy 3-2 to cement their place as Advanced Warfare SA champs.

cod pc day2

Call of Duty: AW (X1)

The rest of the X1 tournament was basically the story of Carbon Astra and Ventus. After sending Ventus to the Losers’ bracket, they stomped their way into the Finals only to find Ventus once again, who’d made similar short work of their bracket.

After a 3-1 loss in the Winners’ Bracket, Ventus made a valiant effort but lost for the second time to a dominant Carbon Astra, who finished them off 5-4 to take the tournament down.

cod x1 day2


Stream: DGL Black

Things went mostly as expected in the morning, but fans were treated to an epic battle in the afternoon Winners’ Bracket finals between favourites Bravado and number one challenger Energy eSports. In an epic 2-1 Best of 3, Bravado were knocked down to the Lower Bracket.

Here they faced the very same team that gave them some trouble on Day 1 – Altitude. Experience seemed to win the day however as Bravado took them down 2-0, jumping straight back into a Grand Finals rematch against Energy.

CS:GO fans could not have asked for a better final, and with Bravado coming in as the favourites and Energy having beaten them in the Winners’ Bracket, this really could go either way. With both teams having clearly spent a lot of time developing their own strategies, it will be up to the key players on each side to win the aim-battles and come out on top in key clutches. This one is going to be a spectator’s dream.

csgo rage 2015

Bravado vs Carbon. Chatting to some of the other people there, it seemed most were rooting for bvd. I'm an underdog guy myself.
Bravado vs Carbon. Chatting to some of the other people there, it seemed most were rooting for bvd. I’m an underdog guy myself.


The double elimination part of the tournament saw a Cinderella story in the making, as sixteenth seed (in a 16 player tournament) GrazE ripped through the Winner’s bracket, taking down number one seed SelfmOorD 3-1 and another highly ranked player in MajorPAIN (in a closely contested 3-2 victory).

I watched the epic showdown between #16 seed and #1 seed, and GrazE exclaimed loudly after winning, “They said it couldn’t be done!” to a round of laughs. SelfmOorD, to his credit, laughed along with them. It’s awesome to see the players having fun and enjoying the games in spite of the results, and overall the Hearthstone guys have seemed like great sports and great people.

It was a day of upsets and strange results all round, with a real David vs Goliath setup for the finals – 16th seed GrazE will be going up against 2nd seed Pand3m0nia. Will he able to see this underdog story through to the end? Watching him play, you can’t help but root for him.

hearthstone day2

DotA 2

DGL Blue

It was the Bravado show all day here, with the top contender working it’s way through most of the Winners’ bracket without much trouble, they hit a small speedbump in NewB in the Winners’ finals, but managed to take that 2-1 regardless.

After NewB took out Carbon early on in Winners’, Carbon tore through the Lower Bracket before meeting their nemesis NewB once again. They were swiftly defeated 2-0, and NewB was sent straight into the Finals for a second run at Bravado.

Considering the last match went 2-1, and both teams know more now about how the other team likes to draft and play, we may be in for a pretty epic final battle tomorrow.

dota 2 day2

NAG Gaming League


It was great to see the NAG League with a ton of sign-ups, as players in the LAN pit battled it out for bragging rights and cash prizes. Ultimately, it was team evoke_ who managed to take down the CS:GO event, clawing their way out of the Loser’s Bracket to do it.

DotA 2

This was a showing of total domination by Reversal FoJ, who managed to take down the tournament without dropping a single game – no easy task in a format with multiple BO1 rounds, so a huge congrats to them.


After losing in the Winners’ Finals, player Tems bounced straight back into the Grand Final from Losers’, and took down Rax#2706 – the same player who had put him there in the first place.