At last, some new Homeworld: Shipbreakers footage


OK I’ll admit that I’m a little bit excited for this game. I mean come on; it’s more Homeworld, only on a planet. A desert planet that’s a lot like Arrakis. Gosh, but my early nineties RTS dork is just bristling with anticipation.

It’s been well over a year since we’ve heard anything new about this game from Blackbird Interactive, and the manner in which we’re hearing about it now is definitely unusual insofar as game marketing goes. Basically, two of the designers on Homeworld: Shipbreakers recently gave a talk at the Unite 2015 Boston conference, which is a conference for Unity developers. The conference took place on 21-23 September, but the video footage of Blackbird Interactive’s presentation has only now found its way online.

The half-hour presentation was about the team’s work on in-game and cinematic cameras. Basically, they’ve created dynamic cameras that make things far more interesting and easier to work with insofar as development goes. That’s nice, especially if you’re into game design and photography. For the rest of us here for more Homeworld: Shipbreakers news, just watch the first few minutes because they kick things off with a trailer that features gameplay and even some of the HUD elements.

I’m hopeful that Blackbird will release that trailer on its own so we can watch it fullscreen. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised they haven’t already, but it’s conspicuously absent from their YouTube channel.

Anyway, Homeworld: Shipbreakers still has a ton of questions floating around it. Release date? Ha! You’re kidding, right? So far all we know is that Gearbox is behind the team and publishing the game, which morphed from a free-to-play title into a full-retail release after Gearbox shared the Homeworld IP with Blackbird.

Trust me when I say that as soon as there’s more news, we’ll share it with you here.