Star Wars Battlefront will have a $50 Season Pass


Publisher Electronic Arts has revealed that Star Wars Battlefront will be getting a $50 Season Pass that will add “four upcoming expansion packs filled with new content” after the game has been released. Those opting to pick up the Season Pass will get two weeks early access to each of the expansions, as well as a “Shoot First” emote… which we’re assuming will, when activated, depict the player’s character shooting a Rodian bounty hunter in a cantina. Or something.

Seems like quite a bit of money to throw down without any indication as to what exactly might be included. Do bear in mind that a $50 price tag is exactly what EA charged for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline Season Passes as well.

In addition to a R500+ Season Pass, EA has revealed a Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition for R1, 200.00 on Origin. It’ll include all the content of the previously unveiled Deluxe Edition (ie: emotes and early access to certain perks) as well as the Season Pass.

Source: EA
Via: Polygon