Stealth game sale emerges on Steam

Steam Cover

Surprise! Steam currently has a stealth-game sale running, which appeared out of nowhere to deliver a sneak attack. Read on to see some of what’s available in the sale.

The sale includes 68 items, including classic games like Thief, Thief II and Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. There’s also the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise with the exception of Unity, and newer titles such as the murder-ific Party Hard. The Far Cry franchise is in there as well, including Blood Dragon and Far Cry 4Some massive discounts are present, such as Sir, You Are Being Hunted for just $1.99 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Directors Cut for $3.99. For some reason Skyrim is in the sale for $19.99, but it doesn’t appear to be discounted.

The sale runs until October 16th, 7pm local time. As for me, I’ve added Alpha Protocol, Mark of the Ninja, Betrayer and all of the above to my wishlist.

Check out the Steam Stealth Sale for more.