Use a gold harvesting exploit in Witcher 3? CD Projekt is sending an in-game tax man after you


Developer CD Projekt continues to amaze with their ability to turn game economy-breaking exploits into something really neat. There are a number of gold exploits to be found in The Witcher 3; some involve harvesting cow hides around the White Orchard area, while others involve harvesting pearls. Some brief meditation will respawn those valuable items, and in a matter of no time one can accumulate a lot of in-game cash.

CD Projekt has been aware of this from the moment it began, which was very early on in the game’s release. Now, however, they’ve added a tax man to The Witcher 3. And he knows where you are and he knows what you’ve done.

Added via the enormous (17GB on PC!) recent patch 1.10 for the Hearts of Stone expansion pack, the Revenue and Customs for Occupied Temeria will dispatch Deputy Tax Enumerator Walthemor Mitty to squeeze you of your errant financial acquisitions. Mitty will run through every known exploit you’ve taken part in (including theft!), and you’ll be fined accordingly.

Don’t panic just yet: if you’ve been guilty of using the game’s exploits, CD Projekt isn’t planning on being heavy-handed about nailing you. If you so choose, you can just make Geralt lie his way through Mitty’s interrogation, and you’ll get off scot-free.

This little gem was shared by YouTuber WhatsMyGame as he made his way through the expansion. You can check it out below.

Personally, I love it when developers approach issues like this. Keeping solutions inside the same game world that the exploit took place in is always a nice touch. It also isn’t the first time they’ve done this in The Witcher 3. You might remember the “Bovine Defence Force Initiative” that was added in patch 1.05; that brought a formidable monster crashing down on you for harvesting cow hides.

Via: Kotaku