Don’t worry, you didn’t suck: the Star Wars Battlefront beta had balance issues


Good news! You weren’t a terrible, hopeless piece of Rebel scum flailing about Hoth as AT-ATs lumbered towards Echo Base. It’s NOT your fault that the Rebels failed over and over and over again, and that the Empire seemed unstoppable: turns out that the AT-AT mode in the recent Star Wars Battlefront beta was woefully unbalanced.

Confirming over Twitter what many people suspected while being mercilessly slaughtered by Snowtroopers, a DICE community manager revealed that there definitely was a balancing issue. However, a few days prior to that, a DICE programmer also confirmed the issue, stating that the team planned to address this in the final release: “yeah it’s too tough. We’ll make changes based on the feedback and data.”

The Star Wars Battlefront beta was Electronic Arts’ most played beta in the company’s history. In a blog post, the publisher revealed that more than 9 million people took part. That’s a LOT of pew-pewing in a galaxy far, far away.