Hello, Neighbor will have you loving your neighbour or dying by his hand

hello neighbour title

“My neighbours may not be what they appear” is a thought that we’ve all probably entertained at some point in our lives. Could I be living next door to a member of the mafia? Perhaps a serial killer? Well, this idea will soon be brought to life as a game thanks to the tongue-in-cheek title Hello, Neighbor! (yes, it’s American spelling).

The premise works thusly: after moving into a new house, you discover that your neighbour lives in an elaborate manor and seems to be safeguarding a sinister secret. Rather than do the neighbourly thing and not interfere (or better yet, alert the authorities), you take matters into your own hands and resolve to uncover the secret yourself, exemplified by getting past a suspicious, bolted-down door that leads to your neighbour’s basement.

hello neighbor art 4

The shtick is that your AI-controlled neighbour is a clever and resourceful fellow, employing all manner of tricks and traps to keep nosy parkers like you out of his business. The AI in question is extremely adaptive and will take note of your every move in order to formulate an effective strategy against you.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and hopes to raise enough money to release the full product in October of next year.

Quietly observe the official site to keep up with development. Check out the trailer below which details how the AI will function. It’s fascinating stuff.