Watch this: fantastic live-action Fallout 4 trailer


Fallout 4 is less than a month away. As if you needed reminding! Bethesda seems to think you need reminding, and so they’ve released this snazzy live-action trailer for the game. It’s surprisingly good considering live-action has potential to go horribly wrong. It’s also got a catchy song that sounds like it comes straight out of 1950s Fallout alternate history America. Fun fact: the actual song, Dion’s “The Wanderer”, was released in 1961.

Fallout 4 will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 11 November. Once that happens you can expect about 95% of the gaming world to suddenly vanish for the next few weeks as we all become enthralled in yet another sprawling, open-world Bethesda RPG.