Prey for the Gods is basically Shadow of the Colossus but for the PC


Let it not be said that I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to Shadow of the Colossus. Team ICO’s PlayStation 2 exclusive is, in my humble opinion, absolutely the best game ever made. So naturally, this new PC exclusive dubbed Prey for the Gods has my attention.

The game is in development by a team called No Matter Studios. They’re based in San Francisco and have a whopping team member count of three. These three developers are spending their evenings making Prey for the Gods. In their own words: “With the simple goal to create colossal moments we’ve set forth on our labor of love Prey for the Gods.”

Prey for the Gods puts you in the shoes of a lone adventurer on a snow-swept island that’s home to your gods. In order to solve the mystery of a never-ending winter, you need to explore the island and murder your gods, who we’re assuming are the enormous, colossus-type beings you see in the trailer. Check it out.

The game is coming to Windows PCs and Macs. We’ll keep you updated on how development is going. In the meantime, you can head over to the official website for some more screenshots.