The ten best Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer reactions


As much as I’d like to think that I’m not susceptible to advertising, trailers, and hype, I totally lost the battle I fought yesterday to not watch the last Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Matthew says I’m a spineless gibbon for not even succeeding to avoid the first one, but I can’t fight it. Damn it, it’s Star Wars! And this is Episode VII, a sequel that people have been waiting decades for. Just like the Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer reactions, this collection is sure to give you something to smile about today. Hit the jump for the feels, and the hype. And the Force.

Just like the Final Fantasy reactions, the reactions on Youtube are truly representative of all Star Wars fans on the planet. Fans everywhere of every age, gender, creed, colour, religion, and country gripped the sides of their chairs and felt a welling in their hearts as they watched the trailer. Truly, nerdom is appreciated in today’s culture. Hell, we even get incredible fan service from Disney, with all three trailers for the movie successfully managing to not spoil any major plot points for viewers. Star Wars: The Force Awakens begins showing in South Africa on 16 December at cinemas everywhere, starting at 11AM. Tickets are available to purchase now through Ster-Kinekor or Nu Metro.

Without further ado, here’s the ten best reactions that I found on Youtube and the internet today. The Force is calling out to you. Just let it in.

#10 – Blind Wave is four friends freaking out

#9 – The Reel Rejects

#8 – The Blonde Jedi

#7 – Jaby Koay’s family gets hyped

#6 – ColliderVideos

#5 – Red Letter Media’s reactions start at 1:30

#4 – John Boyega’s reaction to seeing himself in the trailer

#3 – This moustache gets very excited..

#2 – Daisy Ridley tears up when seeing herself as Rey

#1 – Best.

I am beyond hyped now. Are you?