Give your PlayStation 4 a face (plate) lift from 8 November


Customisation! It’s all the rage with all the things ALL the time. We’ve received confirmation that those fancy custom faceplates that were announced for the PlayStation 4 are going to be arriving in South Africa on 8 November. You’ll be able to pick up Neon Orange, Aqua Blue, Red and Glacier white on that date, with Gold and Silver versions coming at an as yet unspecified time.

The faceplates will retail for R299.99 and will be extrasupervery easy to install. Simply pop off the HDD cover and replace it with one of your new, colourful faceplates, and BAM! Instant new PlayStation 4. Well, instant new-looking PlayStation 4.

Sony has, for your viewing pleasure, put together a trailer for the faceplates because of course they have. FACEPLATE TRAILER after the jump.