Batman: Arkham Knight relaunches on PC in two days


It’s surprising what a bad launch week can do to a game, isn’t it? When Batman: Arkham Knight launched roughly four months ago, things didn’t go swimmingly on the PC. The game’s performance was just bad in all the ways you could imagine – failed executable launches, stuttering, graphical artifacting, clipping through the ground, you name it and the game had it. Warner Bros. had known about the state of the PC version for months, but decided to go ahead with the release anyway, leading to the game’s 47% positive review rating on Steam. Now Rocksteady Studios has announced the game is ready for prime time again, and will ship it with all of the content and DLC released for the consoles thus far.

In a notice to the game’s discussion page on the Steam community, Rocksteady announced that the game would become available again on 28 October 2015 at 10AM PDT (which translates to 7PM locally), and will include all the patches and improvements the development team has been working on since the game’s sales on Steam were halted. New content like Photo Mode, Big Head Mode, Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman Skin, and character selection in combat AR challenges will be included in an update patch for the game. That patch, though, could be as big as the game itself, so I would wait until the new month to download it if you’re on a capped account.

In addition, those of you who bought the game and the Season Pass will now have access to all the AR challenges, all of the Batmobile racetracks, the Arkham Episodes story packs and extra skins for the Batsuit and Batmobile. Unfortunately, it’s a bit late for anyone to receive a refund from Steam, so I hope for the sake of all owners who bought the game on launch and waited until the end of this repair period to play it that it works well.

What’s also possible is that Rocksteady will re-release the game on Steam under a new application ID, which would mean that the game gets a clean slate in terms of customer satisfaction reviews, giving it a chance to make a good impression for anyone buying it after the re-launch. It might also retail for $60, which might not be taken well by the series’ fan base. If you pick up a copy from your local retailer in the next few days, rather install the entire thing from Steam instead of getting it on disk and then patching it, because it may just save you some headache later on.

Source: Steam Community (via Hexus)