Wait, there’s a story in Just Cause 3? WHO KNEW!?


Just Cause 3 just got the obligatory story trailer. People, including myself AND the local PR arm* for the game (!), are making fun of the fact that there is a story at all considering the series is marketed as a “holy shit did you see that” simulator.

Nevertheless, there IS a story to be found in Just Cause 3. Still, I defy you to know anything about it by the time you’ve finished watching the trailer, because all those explosions and over-the-top accents kind of suck in all your attention. Apparently there’s a lovely island paradise that’s caught in the grip of a despotic leader who also happens to have some sort of stuff that makes him dangerous. So Rico et al need to go blow said stuff up. And everything else up. Because.

Hey, isn’t that the premise for the last two Just Cause games? Yep, we’re all really only here for the “holy shit did you see that” moments.

Just Cause 3 hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 01 December. Something tells me it’s going to be silly amount of silly fun.

*Their email subject line read: “BREAKING NEWS: JUST CAUSE 3 HAS EXPLOSIONS… AND A STORY”