Watch: PlayStation at Paris Games Week (6:45pm SAST)


Paris Games Week is a gaming expo that’s similar to rAge in a lot of ways, but is much, much bigger. Since its inaugural opening in 2010, the show has continued to grow and grow, pulling in over 260,000 visitors in 2014 with stands and exhibitions covering 50,000m². This year, Sony decided to not attend Gamescom, and has instead chosen the Paris Games Week to host the opening keynote and talk a bit about the PlayStation brand and what it’s doing for gamers. You can catch the keynote here on NAG after the jump, and the address should start at 6:45pm local time, today. 

Sony’s show should last around 90 minutes, so it’ll be the only other update we get on whatever they’re doing for the rest of the year until PlayStation Experience, which takes place on 5-6 December 2015 in San Francisco. Nothing has been leaked about what Sony’s planning to talk about or reveal, but with several of their first-party titles scheduled to launch early next year, we might get some fresh gameplay footage from that. Looking just at releases for November, we have Need for Speed, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. December sees the launch of Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege. The launch lineup for the rest of 2015 is by no means quiet.

2016 sees many more things, most notably the launch of PlayStation VR, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. This is going to be quite the show, I expect. Once its over, or if you miss out on seeing it live, we’ll have a list of highlights for you to check out here on NAG.