All the highlights from Sony’s Paris Games Week show


Sony’s conference last light drew a lot of attention on the internet with this being their first keynote address for Paris Games Week. With Microsoft out of the picture for now, they had the floor and the limelight to themselves, and they used if all during the 90-minute show. There were some highlights, like seeing new footage from Horizon: Zero Dawn, to finally seeing developments on the Gran Turismo front. Lowlights were few and far between, though this conference felt a lot more empty than E3 2015’s amazeballs announcements. Sony didn’t tug many heartstrings with this keynote, but they did have a solid one all in all, so lets check out some of the highlights and announcements of note.

playstation exclusive logos

An interesting thing that popped up early on were these two logos. Sony is trying to play up their relationships with third-party developers as much as possible, because many of their first-party studios and indie partners are still tied into making games for next year’s dry season release. “Playstation 4 Exclusive” and “Exclusive Content” might start appearing on games for the PS4 that tell buyers what they can expect from their purchase. Exclusive content deals are still a crime in my eyes, but that’s how the relationship has evolved between the console makers and publishers. This, at least, shows you what benefits there are to buying a game on the PS4.

During the show, a lot of key words were being said that all pointed to many of the games we saw on the stage being set for a 2016 release. Tekken 7 and Gran Turismo Sport were two main culprits, with neither developer talking about when these would be available next year. Some brand new titles were shown that had successfully avoided any sort of leak whatsoever, and others were ones that were a known entity already.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Activision’s Call of Duty franchise has a special relationships with zombies, and Black Ops 3 has a new zombie campaign for you to play with friends. PS4 players will additionally get access to map releases for Black Ops 3 a full month before other platforms. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 launches on 6 November 2015 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Star Wars Battlefront

I don’t need to say anything beyond that this is a new gameplay trailer for Star Wars Battlefront. You can read our first impressions of the recent beta here. Its an amazing game. I’m practically peeing my pants right now with the thought that I’ll be watching the new movie on launch day. Star Wars Battlefront launches on 19 November 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Street Fighter V Dhalsim reveal

Capcom is weird. Yoshinoro Ono appeared on the stage to talk about Street Fighter V for the PS4 and PC, but was wearing what looked like a headband with three yellow canaries stuck on springs attached. Ono revealed that series favourite Dhalsim would be making a reappearance, and then paved the way for a Tekken 7 announcement with a little banter between him and Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 7 executive producer. Street Fighter V launches on 16 February 2016, one day before my birthday, for PS4 and PC.

Tekken 7 reveal trailer

Katsuhiro Harada told viewers that Tekken 7 would delve deeper into the back story of the Mishima clan, and though he didn’t reveal a release date, 2H 2016 is looking reasonable at this point. Tekken 7 launches on arcade machines in Japan on 18 March 2015, and the PS4 release is expected a few months later.


Battleborn, Gearbox Software’s arena shooter, was showed off once more, set for a launch on 9 February 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. I’m in the technical beta that starts tomorrow, but I can’t talk about it. Like, at all. The game’s tag line is, “For every kind of badass.”


It looks like Minecraft, but it’s a cross-platform action platformer with RPG elements, co-op gameplay, and a big world for players to discover and build in. It’s somewhat like ARK in that you may have to fend off enemies in the environment, and figure out ways to carve your own existence in the game’s world. No launch date was given for this epic adventure game.

Vector, by Avicii

Its a game that features Avicii’s music and looks a bit like Audiosurf mixed in with Wipeout. Cool, though it’s a concept that’s been done before. Vector is set for an early 2016 release.

No Man’s Sky

Hey, you like No Man’s Sky? Here, have some more of that sweet stuff. This space exploration adventure title launches in June 2016 on PS4 and PC. Your mission? Journey to the center of the universe, uncover the mysteries of the cosmos, and figure out if the ultimate answer to the ultimate question is really just “42”.


Housemarque’s new title, Matterfall, combines elements from first and third-person shooters into a game that loves to blow things up into tiny bits just to make you happy. You must travel through the vertical cities of a distant land and future, and try rid your world of “smart matter”, a substance infecting your world.

Ratchet and Clank

This short trailer heralds the return of the dynamic duo in 2016, with the simple title of “Ratchet and Clank“. Gameplay seems largely similar to previous games in the series, so it’s going to be the storyline that draws people in the most. This is a PS4 exclusive.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Viewers were treated to more gameplay of Horizon: Zero Dawn, with the trailer now going a bit more in-depth into how the game’s combat system works, and showing players how you’d start to conquer some of the larger dino-bots that roam the land. The game launches in 2016 for the Playstation 4, and is a big departure for Guerilla Games, who’ve been working on Killzone for forever.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC

Here, have more ways to die and more things to kill you. You know you want it. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters launches for PS4 on 24 November 2015 as a downloadable content pack.

Driveclub Bikes

Its funny that in my review I wrote that Ride, developed by Milestone S.r.l, was “the Driveclub of motorbikes” in my review this year. The game had lush, beautiful, and interesting environments for some tracks, and was quite appealing visually. But it seems that Evolution Studios was having none of that, so they’ve pulled Driveclub Bikes out of their top hat. Available today for R218 through the Playstation store, the game features some new challenges and events, new bikes from several manufacturers, and a new Tour to keep you busy if the multiplayer goes down again. Could this be Tourist Trophy‘s spiritual successor?

Gravity Rush 2

Play as Kat in Gravity Rush 2, who has the power to bend gravity to her will, and float through the air gracefully. This is as close as we’re going to get to epic aerial anime-style battles. Gravity Rush 2 launches on PS4 in 2014, and will be accompanied by Gravity Rush Remastered, a reworking of the original game that appeared on Playstation Vita.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Multiplayer

To celebrate the announcement of an open beta test for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer, Naughty Dog released this teaser trailer of the multiplayer, which shows off some of the characters from the series that you can play, as well as some of the cooler weapons and powers players can use to defeat their enemies. Naughty Dog has built quite a reputation for having fun multiplayer modes in their games, and The Last of Us had one of the best I’ve ever played. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launches on 18 March 2015.

Dreams, by Media Molecule

Sony showed off a new trailer for the game that made most people that I know scratch their heads in confusion, asking the question, “Is this art?” I don’t know what to call it myself, but it borrows heavily from concepts found in Alice in Wonderland and occassionally, little children’s nightmares. You can build your own world, games, and levels within Dreams, and share them with others, and the only real limit is your imagination. Dreams launches for PS4 in 2016.

RIGS: Mechanised Combat League, with Playstation VR

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida appeared on stage to briefly talk about Playstation VR and what they’re doing with it – a launch for the headset is set for 1H 2016. Eight games for PS VR were playable on the Paris Games Week show floor, and Shu started off a new trailer for RIGS, Guerrilla game’s other project that’s been taking up their time. Sony showed off the new Dubai map for the game, and had an announcer and video footage that made it feel very much like we were watching an eSports match of the game. RIGS launches for PS4 in 2016. If you can’t wait for this to launch, go play Hawken – it’s basically a slower version of RIGS.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, with Playstation VR


Robinson: The Journey, with Playstation VR

Crytek and Playstation VR set on an island filled with dinosaurs? Jurassic Park and Portal vibes? STICK. IT. IN. THE. OTHER. ARM. NOW!

Tekken 7 and Playstation VR

playstation vr tekken 7

Don’t ask us why, or how. We’re still just as confused as you are. Sony wasn’t saying much either.

Gran Turismo Sport

The most underwhelming part of the event was the Gran Turismo Sport announcement. Polyphony Digital’s latest work in progress is almost GT7 on the PS4, but it is only focused on online play for two concurrently running, FIA-sanctioned world events: the GT Sport Driver’s Championship and the GT Sport Constructors championship. When I saw that they were leading the trailer with the opening scenes of Gran Turismo 2, I was so hopeful that it was the game I was waiting for. Still, with the tag line “drive the future of motorsport for the next 100 years”, the game’s ambition is to extend the work they’ve done in GT Academy and GT Vision, allowing skilled players competing in these online events to one day race cars professionally. A beta for the game will be available in 2016. GT7 will come later, I guess.


WiLD is a sandbox survival game where it’s you against nature, where nature is your friend. Playing as the stereotypical handsome white dude who is a shaman for his tribe, you can command animals and take over their bodies to help you survive and solve puzzles and problems. Again, it looks a bit like ARK, but then a lot of games look like ARK these days. WiLD is set for a 2016 release, and will have an open-ended mission system that allows players to have unique playthroughs each time they start up a new game.

Detroit: Become Human, a David Cage game

You know that tech demo David Cage directed that showed an android gaining sentience? Well, now it’s a fully fleshed out game. Detroit: Become Human follows Kara, a model AX400 android constructed by CyberLife, a company specialising in the manufacture of androids built to serve humans and the government. Kara’s sentience attracts the attention of other androids in the trailer as she walks through Detroit city, leading viewers to believe that she’ll be responsible for a robot uprising that ends up fighting for the right to self-actualisation. Its set for a 2016 launch on PS4. If you can’t wait until then, go play Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or watch I, Robot, The Animatrix, or Blade Runner to familiarise yourself with what will probably be a very familiar story.

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