No Man’s Sky FINALLY gets a release date: June 2016


Well butter my biscuit: Hello Games’ super-hyped, super-anticipated, super-spacey space exploration game finally (FINALLY!) has a release date of June 2016. What, you were hoping for an actual date to go along with that? Ha! Too bad. We get “June 2016” and nothing else.

Oh wait, we do get something else: a new trailer! This trailer has a narrative voice-over, which is the first we’ve ever had. To date all the trailers have been very vague insofar as tone and plot go. Plot is still vague (I doubt there will actually be one in a game of this nature) but at least we can get an idea of the tone Hello Games is going for. It’s all very brooding. “I’ve seen things,” the trailer starts before going on to highlight some of the core mechanics we’ll be grappling, including exploration, space battles, and resource collection.

This trailer came ot of Sony’s press event, which was held last night at the Paris Games Week. You can expect more news to trickle out of the land of baguettes and stinky cheeses as the week matures… like a ripe Camembert.

Now I want cheese for breakfast.