Ogle 8 minutes of Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay


Horizon Zero Dawn is looking slick. A futuristic yet quasi-prehistoric open world adventure with (essentially) robot dinosaurs? That doesn’t even make sense; there are just too many total opposites crammed into one premise. I love it.

We’re guessing most of you weren’t at E3 this year (neither was I; uglycry.gif) and as such didn’t get to see the behind-closed-doors live gameplay that Guerrilla Games was showing off. At last night’s PlayStation Paris Games Week presentation, Guerrilla Games released footage of that gameplay. It’s the same scenario that was shown towards the end of the reveal trailer (which you can find here if you missed it) only this time it’s a little longer and it’s narrated by Guerrilla Games’ senior producer Mark Norris.

Norris supplies a lot of information and context to what is happening on screen. There have also been a few UI changes since we last saw the game in action. Check it out.

Horizon Zero Dawn hits PlayStation 4 in 2016.