Quake Live isn’t free-to-play anymore


Quake Live has long been one of the more popular free-to-play first-person shooters. That’s all changed now that the game has booted its free-to-play model and become a fully paid product.

A large update has been published which retires the old launcher and subscription services. The game now retails for $9.99 and features extensive Steamworks integration, with additions like voice over IP, achievements, Steam Workshop support, trading cards, anti-cheating and more. The update also includes a plethora of bug fixes and optimizations as well as map tweaks.

Most significantly, all players are now on equal footing: all can customize their game extensively and host servers, with all the various options available.

Players who already have the game in their Steam library don’t need to pay for it. The fee is only applicable for anybody who has yet to play the game.

However, the switch has meant that veteran players have had their statistics and friends lists wiped, infuriating many fans as Kotaku has reported.

Quake Live is no stranger to controversy. Last year it made the hop from browser-based game to Steam product, bringing with it significant changes to its fundamental mechanics in an alleged attempt to attract more casual players. Our own Graham Ziervogel tackled the issue in an extensive and impassioned article.