Watch this: new Star Wars Battlefront trailer fresh out of the Paris Games Week


Star Wars Battlefront got a new trailer last night. Apparently this is the game’s launch trailer, if launch trailers are things that blow your skirt up. There’s a lot of new stuff on display; stuff that wasn’t seen in the beta and stuff that we haven’t been show as yet.

For a start, we get to see some further alien races that will (presumably) be playable. There are Twi’leks! And Duros! You can also catch some footage of the recently announced Hero characters in action, including a standoff between Darth Vader and Han Solo. Boba Fett and Princess Leia have a go at each other as well. There’s even a cheesy reference to how Boba Fett’s escape from the Sarlacc Pit. Oh yeah, there’s a Sarlacc Pit as well; that’ll be fun to Force Push people into, I’m sure.

Trailer after the jump.

Star Wars Battlefront will be out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on 17 November.