The Batman: Arkham Knight re-launch wasn’t received very well by fans


Batman: Arkham Knight is now available to purchase again through Steam, and thus far, things don’t seem to be rosy everywhere. Users are still complaining about performance issues and optimisation issues, particularly when the game still drops frames and has graphical glitches. Beyond that, though, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment seems to have no understanding of what kind of compensation their fans and customers really wanted. Hit the jump for more.

Warner Bros. had some good press when they announced the re-release of the game with all DLC and content made available for the console version of the game available immediately. While fans expected some of this to be given to them free, such an act would have ruffled feathers of the console gamers who bought it on Xbox One or the Playstation 4. So Warner Bros. decided to do one better and gave owners of Arkham Knight some free games – namely all of the older games in the series. This is very strange considering that most people would have either played or owned the previous games already, and not having the free copies be giftable meant that they were given copies of games they already owned. If you buy Arkham Knight today, you’ll get those free games added to your library as well.

It doesn’t end there, though. By buying Batman: Arkham Knight before 16 November 2015, you’ll qualify to receive up to three free items in Team Fortress 2, made with a Batman theme in mind. Gamers in the TF2 community can submit their designs for these items and stand a chance to win over 20 Warner Bros.-published games. Rocksteady, the game’s developers, will also develop a new “Community Challenge Pack” to be given away free to all owners in January 2016. The pack will be available on both PC and console, but will arrive one week early on PC.

Have you bought Batman: Arkham Knight on PC with its re-release? How’s your experience so far? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Steam