Outlast 2 is coming next year

outlast screenie

Dear me, that Outlast was a frightening game, wasn’t it? Gamers aren’t an easy bunch to scare [Speak for yourself. I’ve permanently got a spare pair of undies with me everywhere I go. You know, just in case. – Ed.], but that game managed to send many players off the deep end. You should prepare to have your mettle tested again, because a sequel is due out in 2016.

Developer Red Barrels has been talking about creating a sequel for a while, but yesterday it was made more concrete with a trailer and the announcement of a release window. It’ll be launched in spring of next year (if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), and from what can be gleamed from the trailer, will feature a warped religious theme.

Check out the trailer below to instill in yourself a feeling of dread.