The US-based Pew Research Center has just published a new research study on Technology Device Ownership for 2015. It covers the usual array of technological devices we surround ourselves with: cell phones, PCs, tablets, MP3 players etc.  The most owned piece of technology in US households are cell phones with a 92% install base found in the research group. Desktop/Laptop devices came in second palce at 73% of US homes, and gaming consoles came in tied fifth place with MP3 Players at 40% of US households.

The findings of the research also indicated that more women own gaming consoles than men do. The split is 42% women and 37% men.

A number of things to note: for a start, the Pew Research was based off a group of 1,907 America adults; it does not represent anybody under the age of 18. Add that demographic into the mix and things look a little different, as the Entertainment Software Association’s research indicates. In the ESA’s research, self-identified “gamers” were split 59% male and 41% female.

The research results between Pew and ESA aren’t really comparing apples with apples however, so the differences in results are inconsequential. The ESA’s group gender split was based on those who play video games on any platform; Pew’s research was based off game console (“Xbox or PlayStation”) ownership in US households. Needless to say, different research parameters yielded different results; it’s not really surprising.

Pew’s research is very interesting and worth looking at in its entirety. You can find it over here.

Source: Pew Research Center
Via: Polygon

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