Refunct 1

Every once in a while you need to set aside scoring, shooting and strategy. You need to let go of stress and competition. Sometimes we need to be reminded that games can be relaxing, and fortunately Refunct is here to help jog your memory.

Refunct 3The game’s premise is ever-so-simple: it’s a first-person platformer in which players are placed on an artificial island (which is comprised of a series of concrete blocks) in the middle of an abstract seascape. By touching the ground, you convert it from dull, grey concrete into lush, green grass. Once a certain amount of the ground has been rendered organic, a red button will appear that, when pressed, will raise more concrete blocks out of the ocean. This process repeats itself constantly as the game wears on, presenting players with ever more elaborate constructions to surmount.

The landscape also gives birth to assorted devices and contraptions. There are pipes which suck you in and deposit you in different locations, as well as trampolines and elevators. Mechanical-looking cubes litter the ground, serving no real function other than to count towards the game’s achievement total. The whole affair is reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. mixed with Q*Bert and thrown into a stripped-down, first-person perspective.

Refunct 2It’s an utterly zen-like experience with no dying or stress involved. It’s up to the player how much they want to complete, offering them the choice to return and hunt down the achievements at their own leisure. It can be finished in under an hour with all the achievements and is thoroughly chilled all the way through, complemented by the simplistic-yet-dreamy visuals and fantastic ambient soundtrack.

Hop on over to its Steam page and collect your own copy for the tiny fee of $2.99. Go on, you won’t regret it. There’s a lovely little trailer where you can see it in action down below.

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