Canyon isn’t the most well-known gaming brand out there, but they’ve certainly proven time and again that they can produce quality peripherals at an attractively low price. The CND-SGM8 continues that tradition, looking and feeling surprisingly similar to a much-loved mouse from a far more recognisable brand – but at almost half the price.

Technical specifications

Buttons: four (three programmable)

Sensor: optical, up to 3,500 DPI

Max acceleration: 20G

Price and supplier information
Supplier: Livdigital
RRP: R499.95


On paper, there isn’t much to the CND-SGM8 (man, how I wish they’d give their products actual memorable names rather than a bizarre designation of meaningless numbers and letters). It’s got a relatively paltry four buttons, only three of which (the left, middle and right mouse buttons to be specific) are actually programmable. It’s got five pre-programmed DPI settings, ranging from 500 DPI to 3,500 DPI. It doesn’t have customisable weight systems or fancy lighting options (although it does sport blue LED lighting). Compared to other gaming mice, it’s sparse on features.

Thankfully, the CND-SGM8 makes up for its lack of flashy features in a crucial area: comfort. It definitely favours claw grip, and if you’ve got larger hands and tend to lean more towards a palm grip you may actually have a few issues with the mouse, but overall it offers a high level of comfort. It actually feels a lot like the Razer DeathAdder – which is one of the most pervasive gaming mice ever released.

My only problem with the design of the mouse lies in the fact that its DPI settings aren’t adjustable. The downloadable software is very basic, which is fine by me, but at the very least I’d have liked to see an option to fine-tune the DPI settings to my liking.

At only R499, there’s undeniable value to be found in the CND-SGM8. But – and this is an important but – its price is still in dangerous territory. Some of the major brands out there offer gaming mice that are packed with more features for less than R499. This obviously makes Canyon’s offering a bit of a hard sell, because despite the fact that it’s a good mouse at a good price, you could easily find a great mouse from a stronger brand for less cash. Still, if you do choose to aim your cash at Canyon’s mouse, I really doubt you’ll be disappointed.

7Canyon’s CND-SGM8 is definitely one of the best budget gaming mice out there. It’s not as customisable as I’d like, but at just R499, it’s a good mouse at a decent price.

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