The CNS-SKB6 doesn’t look like much. That’s not to say it doesn’t look the part; its aesthetic is definitely funky and eye-catching enough that you’ll immediately know it’s a gaming keyboard. In terms of standout features and overall wow factor though, it’s pretty low-key. Fortunately, once you’ve spent some time with it, you’ll realise that it’s got it where it counts.

Technical specifications

Windows key lock: yes

Multimedia keys: yes

Keys: 104, backlit

Price and supplier information
Supplier: Livdigital
RRP: R499.95


Getting it up and running is blissfully simple. You plug it into a USB port and it just works. There’s no software to fumble your way through – but as much as I love this no-frills approach, it’s a bit a double-edged sword. With almost all gaming peripherals we’ve become accustomed to having powerful customisation software at our disposal, so when it’s not present it’s naturally jarring. Still, I like the CNS-SKB6’s barebones approach.

There are three different backlighting colours from which to choose, accessed by tapping a dedicated key. The backlighting can also be brightened and dimmed, or turned off entirely as needed. There’s functionality to lock the Windows key, and the F keys provide a range of different functions (including multimedia controls), all accessed via a modifier key.


And that’s it really. I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s low-key. The experience during use is great though: the large, high-profile keys feel chunky and responsive, and typing on the board is pleasantly comfortable. Gaming on the keyboard takes a little getting used to because of how raised the keys are, but once you’ve acclimatised there’s very little worth complaining about insofar as the user experience goes.

As with the CND-SGM8 mouse, the price of the CNS-SKB6 means it falls within a very competitive space, and it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where someone would choose the Canyon over better-known offerings, purely because people tend to stick with what they know. Nevertheless, if you’re on a tight budget, you should definitely consider this keyboard.

7If you’ve not got thousands of rands to spend on more costly peripheral brands, the CNS-SKB6 is well worth considering.

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