Hooray! The wait is over! Although, to be fair, it wasn’t really that much of a wait seeing as how Fallout 4 was unveiled a mere five months ago. Still, hooray the wait is over! Fallout 4 is out right this very moment. So for the two of you who are currently not playing the game and reading this website instead (bless your non-irradiated cotton socks), you can watch this comparison video on how the game has visually fared across the three platforms.

It’s become somewhat of a normality for these comparison videos to crop-up online seconds after a game has come out. They seem like fuel for rampant platform fanboyism, but they are also, on occasion, kind of interesting. This time around it’s safe to say that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are pretty damn close! I’ve got money on you not being able to tell them apart. As for the PC version (running on maximum settings), there are some obvious visual bonuses such as ground vegetation being rendered quite a bit further into the distance. That and a lower frequency of jaggies in silly things like electrical cables.

Anyway, check it out for yourself and then maybe, just maybe, allow the information to influence your purchasing decision because you own all three platforms – look at you all wealthy and cool with your vast array of gaming devices.

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