So today is the day that Steam adopted the rand as currency for South Africans – a day that will no doubt be forgotten as soon as the Christmas sale begins and people stop needing to whip out an exchange calculator every time they see a game with massive discounts. But for a lot of you today, there are games you want to buy that you can’t access because regional pricing isn’t available. In the cases of the AAA publishers, they usually can’t be pushed to make sure that their back catalog is made available soon after a currency switch, but indie developers are generally more eager to price their games for new regions accordingly. If you want to give them a reminder that you’re waiting on them to make the price changes, I’ve drawn up an e-mail template that you can use to help persuade them to your cause. Hit the jump for more.

To whom it may concern:

Hello! I’m an avid gamer living in South Africa, and I want to buy one of your published titles on the Steam store. Unfortunately, the one I was hoping to buy, [insert title here], is no longer available on the store because it does not have a price listed in South African rands. 

This change to the store was made by Valve very recently, and it is the first time that we have had games priced in our local currency. It’s an exciting beginning to a future of better-priced and more affordable games, and I am sure you’re as eager as I am to see your games listed on localised stores like ours. 

Please consider my request to have your [game/games] listed in my local currency. This way I can buy them and play them, and gift them to friends if they’re into them as much as I am. Until you make this change, I am unable to buy any games from your catalog, and I’m not able to have your games gifted to me from another region because of Valve’s policies. 

Thank you. 


A fan.

While this might work to bring more games back into the Steam store with local pricing, the process of doing this can take up to a week as Valve implements the price changes and syncs it into the store at the appropriate time. Generally publishers don’t make pricing changes for each region supported by Steam based on the exchange rate, and indie studios are typically the ones which are faster to update their pricing and accept Valve’s recommendations for our region.

As for where to post this message, it can work if you post into the game’s discussion page under their suggestions list, if they have one. Alternatively, find the publisher’s or developer’s website and send them an e-mail, possibly with the header saying, “Please price your games for sale in South Africa”. The more you bug them about it, the quicker they will probably respond to getting their games on our local store. There are lots of games sitting without a price, so get cracking if you want everything ready for the inevitable Christmas sale!

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