According to a PEGI rating picked up by the ever-sleuthy NeoGAF forumites, Mojang’s (and Microsoft’s!) Minecraft is heading to the Wii U. Imaginatively dubbed Minecraft Wii U Edition, the game has been slapped with a 7+ age rating and given a tentative release of… today? Or is that 11 December? Who knows. Bottom line: PEGI thinks the Wii U will be block-smashing up a storm very soon.

Initially Mojang stated that Minecraft wouldn’t be heading to the Wii U thanks to the small install base of the hardware. Since Microsoft has picked up the cultural phenomenon that is Minecraft, the game is being put everywhere. Maybe even toasters in the not too distant future.

We’ll keep you updated on this and let you know as soon as things are confirmed or shot down in a blazing explosion of PR denialism.

Via: Eurogamer

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