Vermintide Cover

Oh rats! Sorry, that joke is entirely unrelated, but it had to be made. [You’re fired. -Ed] Anyway, Fatshark’s Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide has recently sold over 300,000 copies. Good job! To celebrate, Fatshark has announced their DLC plans for the future, as well as shed some light on their first DLC pack.

The first DLC pack is called Sigmar’s Blessing, a name which doubtlessly means something to Warhammer fans. More meaningful to the rest of us is that the DLC will be completely free for all Vermintide owners, present and future. The DLC allows players to control slightly what loot drops are, um, dropped in missions. How this works hasn’t been revealed yet, so maybe players can choose an option for more melee drops or whatnot. A new Red Tier has been added to the loot system, which designates some items as unique and ultra-powerful.

Outside of the DLC, upcoming patches to Vermintide will allow players to face the Skaven solo in private mode, and also a Realism Mode that removes the HUD elements (good for screenshots, machinima, and immersion). AND they’re adding a Survival mode, pitting players against endless rodent waves.

Speaking of future plans, Fatshark announced that they intend to continue DLC support for Vermintide, alternating between free and paid. If any of this tickles your collective fancies, check out Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide on PC with Steam, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One

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