Developer CD Projekt has partnered with the ESL to develop a series of YouTube videos on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We’ve all been playing the game for weeks; we’re pretty sure some of you have already played it to completion on New Game Plus mode. But the two videos produced so far have still managed to teach me new things.

Learning new things about the game this long after release shouldn’t really be surprising considering how enormous a game The Witcher 3 is. The videos are designed to teach you how to  be “a professional”, maximising the full range of Geralt’s abilities and pieces of equipment.

The second video follows a similar template, but focuses on the recently released Hearts of Stone expansion pack. As such you can expect a breakdown of the Ruin Word mechanic that was added to the game. We rather loved the first expansion to the game; you can read a review over here. Hit the jump for the videos; you’ll more than likely pick up some new tips!

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