In the past few decades, Philip K. Dick’s ideas have become increasingly widespread. His novels were the basis for movies such as Total Recall and Blade Runner, while even The Matrix series draws some of its inspiration from his writings. It was only a matter of time before he began to influence games too, and one such example is the upcoming Californium.

Developed in France, the game will be loosely based off Dick’s novel VALIS. In it, players assume the identity of a writer in the 1960’s who routinely has strange visions. The line between dreams and reality will be blurred, with events suggesting that the player’s hallucinations are in fact real while the everyday world around them are the illusion. The themes of technology’s place in the world, the nature of identity and freewill-versus-predetermination will also feature prominently.

Right now the game is in French, but we can expect English translations. The game proper is expected to release early next year. Keep up with proceedings at the official site.

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