The NVIDIA Shield TV is a home console made by NVIDIA based on their latest Tegra processor, the X1. That’s really about it as far as the actual specifications go, but it’s more than that when you look at the whole package. It’s an Android device, so it has access to all of the games in the Goolge Play store, it can run some of the apps that you’d normally install on your phone or tablet, although you’d need to hook up a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for that, and it allows you to stream games to the Shield TV from your computer, so long as they’re on the same network and as long as you’re using a Geforce graphics card.

To put the Shield into the lists of people potentially buying something like this on Black Friday in the U.S., NVIDIA created a really crazy advert to promote it, in partnership with falling professional Jeff Provenzano (he’s actually a good parachutist, but what he’s really doing here is falling… right?). Hit the jump to check it out!

Before you ask, yes, I’m aware that the TV wasn’t displaying anything. Also no, the cat did not partake in any parachuting activity either.

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