One week ago, Steam changed their prices to match our local currency. Some games became more expensive because of the choices the publishers made, while the majority dropped in price, giving South African gamers some much-needed relief for their wallets as they prepare for the carnage that will be the Steam Christmas sale. But while the change was welcome and we’ve all seen the savings, there were gaps in the catalogs of some of the major publishers as games lacked localised pricing, which meant that you weren’t able to buy these games after the switch. Let’s do a follow-up on how things have gone so far, in the hopes that the suits overseas have noticed that we’re not buying their games anymore.

So, from my original article that I wrote on the subject, we can count out the following publishers from the list:

  • Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • SEGA
  • Activision
  • Ubisoft
  • Deep Silver
  • 2K Games (Turns out people haven’t been able to buy Mafia II for years anyway!)
  • Telltale Games (This is the correct search tag to use, thanks to Fireprufe15 for correcting me!)

The reason for that is because these publishers had all of their back catalog available for purchase, which shows that they’re on the ball. Others, like Bethesda, are not doing such a great job. I’ve also looked at a few other publishers that I didn’t get to initially, like Codemasters. Lets see how they stack up!

  • Bethesda Softworks – No change.
  • Square Enix – No change.
  • Konami – Surprise! (Ha ha, got ya!)
  • Capcom – No change.
  • CrytekRyse is still missing, but another game, Drug Wars, drops pricing for no apparent reason.

And now to look at some of the other publishers/developers on Steam that have games missing or are on the ball.


Codemasters scores an A for being on the ball, offering their entire back catalog, even the ones that have been received with overwhelming negativity. Overlord is R55! That’s a steal for a fun game.

505 Games

Surprisingly, 505 Games is missing one of its most-talked about titles. PayDay 2, along with all of its DLC. That’ll probably be fixed shortly, as they still want in on all that sweet, sweet microtransaction action.The others missing prices are:

  • Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death
  • Takedown: Red Sabre

Frontier Developments

Frontier only makes one game, and that is Elite: Dangerous, but the space simulator is still one of the more popular MMOs being played online right now, and it draws in a considerable amount of fans who are willing to sit in hyperspace for hours to get to their destination. Just like Star Citizen, you can’t play it… unless you already have it in your library.

You may have heard of iRacing being spoken about on car forums, and this is easily one of the most intense and involving simulators you’ll ever play. It’s not available, so if you wanted to get in on the action, you might have to buy it elsewhere, or bug the developers about it with our handy template e-mail.

id Software

I had completely forgotten to search for id, but they’re not doing so hot either. Both the Quake and Doom series are without pricing. Their only titles available are:

  • Quake Live
  • Keen Dreams

SNK Playmore

If you haven’t played Metal Slug, you haven’t really lived, because it is an amazing series. Unfortunately, SNK Playmore doesn’t have pricing for the Metal Slug series or the DLC for Metal Slug Defense (so, if you have Defense already, you’re still screwed). The King of Fighters series is also not available.

Epic Games

I lied, Konami doesn’t deserve their award anymore. Epic Games takes the cake with none of the Unreal Games available, and that’s basically all they have left on Steam anyway. How sad.

PopCap Games

Surprisingly, PopCap‘s catalog is partially filled with games that have pricing, but over half of their library, including Plants vs. Zombies GOTY, aren’t available. The only games that have pricing are:

  • Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
  • Chuzzle Deluxe
  • Insaniquarium Deluxe
  • Peggle Deluxe
  • Hammer Heads Deluxe
  • Peggle Nights
  • Iggle Pop Deluxe
  • Gyromancer

Its disappointing to see so many games being made unavailable, but this is typical of what happens when Steam shifts to a new currency. Over time, as developers and publishers are reminded, it’s expected that their games will receive updated pricing for our store, and hopefully we’ll be able to buy them again. It doesn’t help that some of the indie games that I recommend, like The Binding of Isaac, Papers, Please, or Super Meat Boy, but we’ll just have to be a little patient with the people who make these changes, and hope that they get to them soon enough.

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