It was N7 Day 10 days ago. We forgot. Did you forget? Shame on us. Anyway, N7 Day (7 November) has become a Mass Effect celebration day in the same vein as 4 May is a Star Wars day. It’s pretty silly but I guess it makes EA’s marketing department happy. On N7 Day there was a new trailer released for upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda – a game that we know very little about.

In that trailer, at around the 0:44 mark, you can see a set of dog tags off to the left of the screen. Reddit user Benelioto spotted the tags and was able to make out the name “Ryder” or “Rider”. It’s a little blurry once zoomed in that far, but that might just be the name of Andromeda‘s protagonist.

The Andromeda subreddit naturally had a field day with this, and was able to pick up a few more connections that make sense. For a start, the original player character was Commander Shepard, who was named after the first American man in space, Alan Shepard. The first American woman in space was Sally Ride. It might all be a big coincidence, but we all love our conspiracy theories, don’t we?

If you missed the N7 Day trailer, you can find it below. Look out for those tags.

Via: Gamespot

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