Gray Dawn Preview

Tired of horror consisting of cheap jump scares? Upcoming indie title Gray Dawn might just offer a far more cerebral, macabre experience, and a thriller mystery to boot.

The game will be a first-person title with elements of puzzles and adventure games. Players will be cast in the role of a Swedish priest in 1910 suspected of murdering a young altar boy who was the recipient of a botched exorcism. Proving his innocence won’t be an easy affair, particularly when he has demons constantly harassing him, reminding him of his past sins and generally doing their utmost to put his sanity in jeopardy.

Rather than dark, dank corridors and dungeons that feature prominently in most horror games, Gray Dawn looks considerably brighter and more peaceful, which adds to the tension as you know the serenity could shatter at a moment’s notice. It’s also heavy on religious iconography, which is a nice, unsettling touch.

The game was featured on Kickstarter, but it failed to meet its goals. Fortunately, it has since been Greenlit on Steam, so development is continuing even though a release date has not been announced. Take a look at the game’s world by watching the trailer below.

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