Got a few minutes? Check out Takishawa Is Dead


Who exactly is Takishawa? And is this person truly dead? Who knows!

Takishawa Is Dead is a 3D exploration/platform game hybrid. Players take control of an individual with a TV screen for a head who explores a strange, disjointed world populated by similar creatures. Your task is to find the aforementioned Takishawa, or at least discover what lead to the individual’s demise.

There are paths leading to new areas and which intersect, meaning players will have to memorise the layout before too long. You may also speak to various characters and attempt to reach new areas, but your task will not be easy because it’s very easy to misjudge your steps and walk off the world thanks to the many narrow walkways. Still, the short length and the forgiving-if-limited save system ensures the experience never reaches frustration levels. It’s a great way to quickly kill some spare time.

The entire game is a few measly megs in size and can be downloaded from the official site here. Both Windows and Mac are supported and you can even make a donation if you’re generous.

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