Star Wars Battlefront review image 9

With DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront out of the gates and well on its way to dominating the free time of gamers everywhere for the holiday season, you might want to get in on the action yourself, but don’t have a fast enough graphics card to run it (and if you want to double-check that, have a look at GameGPU’s thorough performance tests to see how you’ll fare). So if you want to get the game and get a new GPU, AMD might have a deal for you. Starting from 17 November until 31 January, if you buy a Radeon R9 Fury graphics card (not Fury Nano, or Fury X), you’ll get the game bundled in for free in the form of a redemption code, which you can redeem through AMD’s Radeon Rewards website. Although you can sell off the codes for extra cash, AMD’s terms specifically tell you not to do that, so you’re taking a risk doing so.

You can buy a Radeon R9 Fury graphics card from these online stores listed below. Make sure you e-mail them about the promotion before you buy, as not all retailers will be guaranteed to run this promotion!

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