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Greetings NAGuthians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. This time around we have Windows 10 pulling back on the Big Brother stuff (or are they), the game ratings boards face a new challenge and the weirdest GTA V video ever graces our screens. Then it’s rampant speculation that a HD remaster nobody wants is coming, Dead or Alive reaches new levels of absurd with it’s “sexy” features, a Fallout 4 mod gives players something everybody wanted and an epic failure of a game gives people their money back. All that, more news, videos, highlights and opinion, after the digital jump.

Console/Other News

Windows 10 has been stirring a lot of controversy with its somewhat draconian approach thus far – between forcing the upgrade on people who wanted to cling to the safety of Windows 7 and spying on everything you do and secretly using your internet, it has been a bit of a rocky start.

The first big update came out last week however, and apparently with it has come some changes to the privacy statement.

A big one of these is the clause on collection of personal data – this has been adjusted to only collect data when necessary to provide services you’ve requested – like displaying your e-mails on Outlook. Still, one probably has to be weary of which services they’ve unwittingly signed up for.

It also apparently now amends the part about scanning your files to just include things on OneDrive or Outlook, but having read the clause myself I’m not too convinced of that – it seems more to me like OneDrive was used as an example, but the clause still states any personal files. This does now say that it’s only done “when we have good faith belief that it is necessary”, which to be honest sounds vague as hell to me.

These changes might be a step in the right direction, but they still leave me feeling uncomfortable. A lot of these so-called “features” shouldn’t have been around in the first place, and especially not included in the clandestine manner in which they were – particularly things like using your internet bandwidth to seed the OS to other people.

Obama is disappoint.

Obama is disappoint.

Game ratings boards like the ESRB and PEGI are pretty important – as we’ve seen before, an Adults Only rating is considered to be the death knell for many games, and developers will work hard with the ratings groups to ensure they don’t end up with it.

But with Oculus and the like coming next year, how does this change things? After all, a more “immersive” experience could be more damaging to a young child, and that has to be taken into account.

Well apparently, the groups are ready, and they’ve got their sights set on horror titles for upped ratings.

Right now, specific ratings are applied to specific scenarios “non-violent imagery” that is particularly scary gets a PEGI 12 rating, but with a VR headset attached a horrifying VR experience might be in no way suitable for a child that young.

What has to be considered here is people buying games that don’t even own VR equipment, but the game comes with VR support. That is where things get a little tricky, and the younger audience may be getting the raw end of the deal. Of course here in South Africa, nobody at the local CNA even knows what an age restriction is so you should be okay.

It feels like a pretty quiet news week, with a lot of stories but not many I think are particularly interesting. So then, to finish off the “console/other” section in style, here is a video of the Teletubbies recreated in GTA V.

La-La has a bong on his (her?) head, and Dipsy has a dildo. So really, it’s a pretty faithful recreation, and takes me right back to my childhood, when I would ridicule people for watching it.

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Gaming News

Right, don the tinfoil hats everyone – Resident Evil 6 popped up briefly on the Korean Game Rating Board, which has led to rampant speculation that it will be arriving on current-gen consoles.

Capcom hasn’t said anything as yet, but the HD remaster isn’t something they’re opposed to, considering they released Resident Evil HD earlier this year.

That being said, RE6 wasn’t exactly the most wildly-acclaimed in the series, so it’s an interesting choice – presumably they have not much else going on and it’s the newest one, so why not.

Though I have to wonder how much interest there would be in a remaster of a 2012 mediocre franchise entry. It feels like Activision bringing a revamped Ghosts to PS4 or something.

Undoubtedly the weirdest bit of news this week, Koei Tecmo’s Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 has revealed that some previously promised features would in fact be PS4 exclusives.

What makes this story weird is that the “features” in question are “tan lines” and “bikini malfunctions”.

Dropping all pretense that this game is more about fighting than it is T&A, the game literally has characters bikini straps falling off and bikini bottoms shifting around to reveal a bit of untanned asscheek – but only on PS4.

I kind of want to rant something about sexism here, but sadly the success of the series means this particular brand of horseshit is something people actually want – as long as they want it, developers will make it – they’re businesses after all.

Here’s a look at the, um, “features”. Sigh.

Not sure whether to be depressed with the content or impressed with the detail.

Not sure whether to be depressed with the content or impressed with the detail.

See above.

See above.

In a year of fabulously failed game launches, Afro Samurai 2 may have quietly been the worst of them all.

The Steam, PS4 and Xbone sequel was so broken on release that fans and critics alike had an issue with everything from the camera to the cut-scenes.

Now, after months of trying to get it right, developer Versus Evil’s head Steve Escalante has admitted that “the game was a failure”. They’re not simply shrugging and saying sorry either – they’re fully refunding everybody. Ouch.

I admire them admitting defeat, but once again I can’t help but wonder why the game was released in the first place. If it truly is that broken, there’s no ways the testing team couldn’t have already known that.

What is the goal here? You know everybody is going to be up in arms, why bother? Surely a delayed release is better than pissing away your reputation and suffering an enormous commercial failure. There must be something I’m missing for this to keep happening.

As someone who has no idea what this game is about... Wut?

As someone who has no idea what this game is about… Wut?

Fallout 4 mods have arrived, and I can imagine the biggest and best of them will be dominating the news for the next several weeks.

So in order to bite the bullet early, I’ll tell you about the first one making big waves – the Full Dialogue Interface mod. This turns all your NPC interactions into numbered list dialogue options, New Vegas style, and more importantly it writes the exact words the character will say.

RPGs have developed this weird habit of giving you a dialogue option that is a paraphrasing of what is actually said, which can be somewhat annoying when you preferred what was in the options list. Well now you can never be surprised again, you grumpy bastard. Go shake the presents under the tree or something.

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