Star Wars Battlefront is fun! We’re sure many of you have been pew-pewing your way through the holy-cow-this-is-practically-photo-realistic environments that make up the game. Our fearless leader, Dane Remenervichistoffenheimer, reviewed it and quite loved it. You know who seems to love it the most though? PlayStation 4 owners.

According to a third-party stats website, P-Stats, Sony’s console leads in the player count by quite a margin. How big a margin, you ask? The PS4 has more players than the Xbox One and PC platforms combined.

Pulling player traffic directly from the EA Battlefront servers, P-Stats updates itself every five minutes. Currently, there are just less than 100,000 people playing Battlefront (DON’T YOU PEOPLE HAVE JOBS?!), of which 65,000 are on PS4, with 18,500 sitting on Xbox One and 15,000 playing on PC.

During the last 24 hours, the Xbox One hit a peak player count of 104,993 and the PC hit 48,292. The PlayStation 4 hit 183,329 concurrent players. What are we to make of this? Our guess is that if you’re concerned about player drop-off rates as the game ages, then pick it up on PlayStation 4.

Sticking with Star Wars Battlefront news, website GamesRadar is reporting about a glitch that renders players invulnerable. Apparently crashing an airborne vehicle into the terrain will sometimes catapult the player out of the vehicle, but inexplicably respawn you completely impervious to damage. Cue enormously exaggerated K:D ratios like the one below:


Developer DICE and Electronic Arts have yet to comment on this alleged glitch, but have instead directed people to the cheat reporting section of the game’s website.

Sources: P-Stats & GamesRadar
Via: Polygon

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