Bungie and Activision have unveiled a new Refer-a-Friend program for “totally not an MMO” online shooter, Destiny. It’s pretty straight forward, really: you convince your friend that buying The Taken King (which is Destiny in its current form) is a good idea, and then you and your friend link up and pew-pew your way through the galaxy in order to net all sorts of exclusive rewards that are super exclusive for super-best-friends only.

You and your referred friend become “Linked Friends” and as such benefit from bonus XP thanks to your “Link of Friendship” (I’m not making these official terms up, by the way). As you play through The Taken King‘s campaign you’ll begin to unlock all sorts of goodies; the most obviously BEST one being a Duo Dance Emote.

On top of breaking it down together (yo), you’ll get exclusive shaders, Sparrows, swords, and emblems. There’s also an exclusive quest. That’s a lot of exclusives for super-best-friends.

Naturally (because we’re on the Internet) there are some long-standing Destiny players who are completely against this type of stuff. Many are calling Bungie and Activision out on enticing people to become their “salesmen”, and the Destiny Subreddit has lit up with numerous disgruntled posts all kind of echoing the same sentiments.

Still, that Duo Dance Emote, you guys. You can check out the Refer-a-Friend program in action below.

Source: Bungie

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