Star Wars Battlefront runs on DICE’s super-duper-sexy Frostbite 3 engine. It looks amazing and even more amazingly, runs really well. It’s a pretty safe statement to say that Star Wars Battlefront is one of the best looking video games on the planet right now.

Except now, thanks to a modder,  it looks even better.

You might have come across modder Martin Bergman before; he made the Toddyhancer mod for GTA Vwhich blew people away with its enhanced shaders and tonemapping. Well, Bergman is back and tinkering with Star Wars Battlefront, and the results are incredible.

Bergman plans to release the mod for people sometime soon. He cautions that the mod “drains around 30-40 FPS” so you better have a monster rig if you hope to keep Toddyhancer on while you play the game. You can find a whole bunch of screenshots over on his Imgur upload over here.

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