super meat boy

Greetings NAG collective. I’ve had my hands full this week finishing off a master’s thesis (ugh), so this week I decided to do a column that required as little text as possible. In that spirit, I’ve compiled a collection of some of my favourite gaming videos. These made the list for being hilarious, epic or just amazingly impressive. Some of them are a tad NSFW language wise, just as a heads up.

I think I’ve linked this one before, but it’s just too good – a hilarious Swedish YouTuber plays through Skyrim using only his fists.

The previous vid from the King of Sweden may be his most popular, but this next one is my favourite. Using DayZ‘s integrated voice chat, he goes around holding people up and stealing their pants. It is every bit as good as it sounds.

I have a thing for speedruns, and this is one of my favourites because honestly I don’t know what the hell is going on most of the time.

This next Super Meat Boy speedrun is probably my favourite. Maybe because it’s live and with a whole crowd of people watching, or maybe it’s because someone finishes every aspect of the game that consumed my life for weeks like it’s nothing. Nothing. Do you know how many times I died? Do you?!

This next one makes the list because it’s the most impressively useless waste of hundreds of hours I’ve ever seen. Somebody in Minecraft made a Gameboy, and shifted bits of dyed wool over one block at a time to create an actual realistic animation of Super Mario Land. The amount of horrifically tedious work that must have gone into this is hard to comprehend.

This one is kind of creepy, in an autistic sort of way. An architecture student who takes his hobby way too seriously spent 18 months planning, then two years building, the perfect SimCity 3000 city. Now when I say perfect, it’s essentially a dystopian Orwellian nightmare, but it’ll keep itself going for 50,000 years. Check it out:

Allow me to take this opportunity to slip in an oldie-but-goodie – the most amazing comeback of all time. It literally never gets old, and I always watch it when I rediscover it, so allow me to return the favour. If you somehow haven’t seen this, prepare to have your mind blown, young one.

Speaking of blasts from the past, when was the last time you saw this guy? I like to wonder where he is now, but I don’t want to Google it ’cause I feel I’ll be disappointed.

Something about this never gets old – how many different ways can you blow an elderly man into the sky? This guy attempts to find out. Also, I haven’t played much Fallout but since he gains Karma for doing this I can only imagine this old bastard must have been a real raging asshole.

When you’re a Walrus, every night is party night.

BONUS: I enjoyed this. Maybe ’cause I got to feel old and superior, instead of just old. Maybe ’cause I didn’t realise Arya was British, or that she dresses like a Care Bear threw up on her. Either way, it was a good time.

BONUS BONUS: When people get nostalgic about arena shooters or the “good old days” of competitive Quake 3, this is why. To date, this is probably the most entertaining and impressive frag compilation I’ve ever watched.

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