FEZ just got a very limited, and very special physical version


In my humble opinion, FEZ is one of the best indie games on the planet. It’s a masterpiece. It’s a game that holds countless secrets that one could spend months trying to figure out.

Polytron, the indie team behind FEZ, has announced a Limited Edition that is now up for pre-order. This will be the first time that the game has received a physical release. It’ll set you back $100 though (excluding shipping!), and it’s only available via Polytron’s website.

The Limited Edition comes in a canvas-bound, hardcover, red notebook with slip cover. The cover has a gold debossed foil inlay, which sounds super fancy. The whole thing has been designed by FEZ creator Phil Fish.

Inside the notebook you’ll find loads of blank pages to fill with notes as you play through the game (this was the last game I played in which I actually kept notes on puzzles, symbols etc. When last did a game get you to do that?), as well as a “hidden”, DRM-free copy of the game for both PC and Mac. It also comes with a download code for the FEZ sountrack by Disasterpeace.

The Limited Edition is exactly that; it’s been limited to 500 copies worldwide, and each copy will be signed and numbered.

Source: Polytron