Anyone who has played a Total War title knows that there are two elements to the games: the real-time strategy, army battles that normally play out on an epic scale; and the turn-based, over-world conquest that punctuates each real-time battle. Until now we haven’t seen any of the latter for Total War: Warhammer.

In this new trailer for the game we’re introduced to the Greenskins campaign leader, the Black Orc Warboss known as Grimgor Ironhide. He’s big and mean and wants to crush anything that isn’t green, especially those “ginger stunties” (read: the Dwarfs).

The new trailer is cinematic in nature (no actual gameplay), but it still uses the in-game engine. More interesting, however, is the glimpse of the campaign map that we see on numerous occasions throughout the trailer.

In previous Total War games, the over-world campaign maps weren’t nearly as detailed as what’s on display here. It looks amazing, but it also looks a little hardware intensive. Creative Assembly has said that there will be an over-world campaign gameplay trailer released soon, so once that’s up we’ll share it with you. In the meantime, check out Grimgor and co. below, and watch out for those snippets of the campaign map.

Total War: Warhammer hits PC on 28 April 2016. Publisher Sega and developer Creative Assembly were recently the cause of severe online criticism when it was announced that the Chaos Warriors army would be locked away as pre-order incentive content. Just take a look at the comments and Dislikes on the Chaos Warriors reveal trailer. Naturally, the backlash overflowed to Reddit, with other YouTube personalities like Angry Joe picking up on the unhappiness among Warhammer fans.

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