The Steam Exploration sale is still on until 10AM PST time, which leaves you with roughly eight hours to enjoy lowered pricing for over 8000 games. But while the deals were great, much of the back catalogs for a few big publishers and developers were unavailable to South Africans, because they didn’t include updated pricing for our currency. I’ve been annoying the publishers who have missing titles from my investigation in this article, and I’m happy to say that Bethesda’s technical support team finally updated the prices for their games on Steam before midnight on 30 November 2015. I was told that pricing had been available, but it was not submitted to Valve to be updated on their store before the currency switch was made. The prices for other regions that were missing it beforehand like India, Colombia, Chile, Taiwan, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Switzerland, were also updated at the same time.

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