We all love video games! Sometimes we love certain video games way more than other video games; that’s normal and usually results in neat discussions with friends or heated debates with complete strangers on the Internet. I’ll bet all of us have a “Top 5 Games EVER” list in our heads; maybe yours is bigger? Top 10? Top 20? Top 100?

A friend of mine emailed me a link to a neat little online tool that asks you to choose between two different games. It’ll ask you to do that at least 127 times, but it may ask you as many as 448 times. If you can’t decide between two games, or you haven’t played either, there’s a cop-out button labelled “I feel the same way about both”.

After you’ve spent time picking games, the tool will spit out an enormous list, ranking your favourite titles!

I spent about 15 minutes over breakfast choosing video game titles, and I’ve got to admit that my Top 20 list (it gave me a top 127, but I was really only interested in the first 20) was STARTLINGLY accurate. In fact, I think it’s safe for me to say that it’s 100%, bang-on, legitimately and totally my actual Top 20 list. Check it out below:

top 20

If you want to compile your list, then head over here. My advice: avoid using the cop-out button as much as possible; my friend used it when he couldn’t decide between two great games, and he ended up with a list that had 17 number one games. I only used that button in the event of me never having played either game option.

Feel free to post your Top 20 in the comments section below! Or you can just JUDGE MY TOP 20 and fling your violent vitriol at me.