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A few days back, I reported on how Microsoft was pulling down the latest ISO images and updates to Windows 10 from their websites and download servers, and didn’t say why exactly they were doing this. It got the internet all in a flurry, and rumors popped up that Microsoft might be changing how the Insider program worked and what they were willing to share with users with regards to updates to their OS. As it turns out, it was none of those things – the builds were taken down, Microsoft says, because the updates and the Threshold 2 ISO images were overriding the user’s security settings, forcing them back to the defaults. Microsoft says they’ve rectified this issue, and I’ve actually just gotten my notification to install new updates from Microsoft this morning. This seems like a really silly reason to pull everything down and not tell anyone first, and not being open about the issue initially just blew things out of proportion. What a mess!

Source: The Register

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